Logo Punched Microfiber Weft&Hair Hair Dry Towels Customized

Ordinary weft or weft&hair microfiber fabric.Weft with hair microfiber towels are sanding processed on an ordinary weft microfiber fabric. The fabric weight(gsm) is in a range of 300gsm-500gsm. All colors can be customized with a Pantone color number.The sanding on weft fabric can be single sanding, double sanding or triple times sanding.Surely there will be different fabric effects and styles with different sanding times. For a finished weft&hair microfiber towels, the edge stitching can high elastic edge sewing, double vertical lines edge sewing or hemming edge with cloth.A weft&hair knitted microfiber towels is widely used on car cleaning, home-textile cleaning and face&hair drying towel.Also the weft with hair microfiber towels can be used as sports towels, beach towels or printed microfiber towels. A weft with hair microfiber towels can always be produced to be hand&face microfiber towels, sports microfiber towels, printed weft advertise towels, Sports towels or a gift microfiber towels, the good softness with very good fabric structure keep the weft towels very friendly to skins and body.

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